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SMT Control Panel
CIS's Server Management Tool (SMT) provides total administrative control over virtual servers. It is the oldest control panel in the industry and has been perfected over a 10-year period. SMT allows website and server administration from a single, secure console. This unprecedented console empowers non-technical administrators to perform changes, across a limitless number of hosting plans and services with the skill of seasoned IT professionals. With the SMT, you can set up unlimited email addresses and aliases, manage your site´s entire directory structure, and have the same control that is usually available only through a dedicated machine. Of course, when your budget, business needs, and disk space demands require, CIS can seamlessly upgrade you to the next level plan. The SMT also does tiered administration for resellers. The Virtual SMT is an extension of the SMT and allows resellers multi-tiered administration. You can set permissions and chose which services you allow to your customers. Empower your customers to service themselves and bill them for the ability to do so.